Given that France is home to the principality of Monaco and that the casino in Monte Carlo is the playground of the rich and famous, it makes sense that there will be a number of movies made here about casinos and gambling. Here are just a few for you to see.

Some of the best gambling- themed movies made in France are not the most recent. The movie ‘Bay of Angels’ was directed by Jacques Demy who also wrote it. The stars were Claude Mann and Jeanne Moreau and it was released in 1963. This is only the second movie made by Demy. Mann plays an employee in a bank who is encouraged by a friend to take up gambling. He wins some money and takes a holiday where he meets Moreau’s character Jackie. She has more than a healthy interest in gambling and he is enthralled by the lifestyle, although as the movie progresses the viewer can see how lonely and empty her addiction has made her.

‘Bob le Flambeur’ (Bob the Gambler) is a movie produced, written and directed by Jean-Pierre Melville. Released in 1956, the movie starred Roger Duchesne and Isabelle Corey. This is a gangster film and is considered to be part of the new wave movement thanks to the cinematography techniques used. The character of Bob is a convict who learns about the vast amount of money held in a casino safe and plans a heist although ultimately he is unsuccessful (maybe if he had played using a no deposit bonus he could have won the money instead).

The movie ‘Atlantic City’ was made in 1980 and was directed by Louis Malle. This is a French-Canadian movie and stars Burt Lancaster and Susan Sarandon alongside French actor Michel Piccoli. This casino-themed movie was Oscar nominated for the ‘big five’ awards although at the end of the ceremony that year it did not win any of those nominations.