Every year French cinema produces a number of fine movies and even for those who do not speak the language it is worth making the effort to see a few. 2017 saw several good comedies hit the big screen so why not consider a few of these?

Epouse-moi mon pote

Translated as ‘Marry me, Dude’, this comedy was directed by Tarek Boudali, who also appears in a starring role alongside Philippe Lacheau and Charlotte Gabris. In order to avoid being deported, a young architecture student asks his friend to marry him after an incident sees his student visa being revoked and he fails his exams.


Another movie starring Philippe Lacheau. He plays a character called Greg whose company provides clients with an alibi. His life becomes complicated when he meets a girl who hates men who lie, so he has to hide what he does for a living, but then finds out that her father is one of his clients. This movie also stars Elodie Fontan and Julien Arruti.

Ce qui nous lie

Known as ‘Back to Burgundy’ in English, this is the story of Jean who returns home after 10 years because his father has become ill. The movie follows his journey as he has to reconnect with his family and rebuild their relationship. The movie is written and directed by Cédric Klapisch and stars Pio Marmai, François Civil and Ana Girardot.

Otez-moi d’un doute

‘Just to be Sure’ in English, this is the story of Erwan’s search for his biological father and his efforts to build a relationship when he has tracked him down. The issue of family loyalty and parentage also comes to the fore when his own daughter refuses to name her baby’s father. This movie stars François Damiens, Guy Marchand and Cécile de France.