French cinema continues to go from strength to strength and there is no sign that this is going to slow down at all in 2018. Some of these films are being premiered online on MyFrenchFilmFestival’ which gives people all over the world the opportunity to find out more about the French movies that are going to be making their mark this year.

One of these is the comedy ‘Rock ‘n Roll’, made by Guillaume Canet and based on the story of a man’s mid-life crisis. Another comedy that could also be making an impact this year is the comedy-drama ‘Willy The First’ made by Ludovic and Zoran Boukherma. This comedy is based on the tale of a late developer.

‘La Ch’tite Famille’ has been directed by Danny Boon, who also stars in the movie. He plays an architect who is moving in the upper echelons of society in Paris but has to face reality when his family of scrap-dealers arrive at an event to celebrate his work. The film focuses on the unique Ch’tis dialect – originating in Boon’s home region of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais – and the culture of the region. Boon has explored this theme before in ‘Welcome to the Sticks’, one of the most successful movies ever released in France.

Another comedy to watch out for is ‘Normandie Nue’ made by Philippe Le Guay. This movie also stars François Cluzet as a mayor of a small village who has to deal with a famous photographer – played by British actor Toby Jones – who wants the people of the village to pose nude. Other comedy movies that will hit French cinemas this year include ‘Le Retour Du Héros’ from Laurent Tirard and ‘Momo’, starring Christian Clavier, a childless man who has to deal with the arrival of a man who claims to be his son.