In the 1980s French cinema continued to make an impact. Movies such as ‘Betty Blue’ and ‘Les Amants du Pont-Neuf’ were a commercial success and were part of the movement known as ‘Cinema du Look’, thanks to the slick shooting style. Actor Gérard Depardieu became a huge star at this time thanks to his appearances in movies such as ‘Camille Claudel’ and ‘Jean de Florette’. The latter also made a star out of Daniel Auteuil who also starred in the sequel ‘Manon des Sources’.

Depardieu was the star of 1990s ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’, a role that won him a nomination for an Oscar. 1990 was also the year that saw ‘Nikita’, a hit movie made by Luc Besson, who went on to make several very successful movies in Hollywood.

The movie ‘Amélie’ was released in 2001. The director was Jean-Pierre Jeunet who had spent some time in Hollywood and it starred Audrey Tautou. This was also the decade that the world turned their eyes to Marion Cotillard. She starred in ‘La Vie en Rose’ in 2008, the story of French singer Edith Piaf. The role brought her an Oscar and a BAFTA.

French movies are continuing to make an impact around the world. ‘The Artist’ won a number of Oscars including Best Actor for Jean Dujardin in 2011. This movie was based on the black and white silent movies of the early part of the 20th century and was a huge commercial success.

The Cannes film festival is one of the largest and most glamorous in the world and it recognises movie-making talent from all over the world but it is also a great place for French stars and directors to shine. For several days, they rub shoulders with their Hollywood counterparts, attend movie showings and other events and soak up the sun in the South of France.